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At Genux Executive we specialise in Recruitment, Leadership, Business Coaching, Assessment, and Outplacement.

About Genux

At Genux we are dedicated to managers’ careers: We conduct outplacement programs for managers who want to advance in their careers; we offer individual counselling on specific management challenges, and we develop management groups and organisations. We work with our clients to recruit leaders and experienced specialists. We assess candidates internally as well as externally, and we on-board to secure vigor and decisiveness in a swift and efficient way.

Who are we?

A good counsellor is genuinely interested in the person you work with.

Genux is an equal sparring partner - we help to challenge and clarify. At Genux we are quite different in the way we work. We complement each other and our candidates and clients draw on these different competencies.

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Executive Recruitment

We know our clients’ recruitment needs and are focused on creating a solid match between organisations and leaders.

Executive Recruitment

It will never be a routine task for us to find the right candidate for a company.

A lot can of course be measured and tested – but you cannot only test your way to the right candidate. The close partnership with the candidate is always the starting point for us. Combined with a systematic and structured process, the personal commitment generates results.

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Genux develops the leader and the organisation. Along with the individual leader, we create a clear focus and then describe how our approach is useful - both for the leader and for the organisation.


Genux Executive offers individual counselling, sparring, and coaching for leaders.

As a leader, you may need sparring. It can be as a new manager who is in the process of the first 100 day plan, or as the experienced manager who needs assistance and support in a difficult situation - strategic, managerial or personal.

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We specialise in helping terminated executives advance in their professional lives. We are among the leading specialists in Denmark in executive outplacement because we cultivate the personal partnership in our work.

Executive outplacement

At Genux all programs are customised to each candidate in close collaboration with their counsellor.

We are among the leading specialists in Denmark in executive outplacement because we cultivate the personal partnership in our work. We believe that what we demand from each other throughout the program will ensure the right job for the candidate.

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Our website is merely a business card - in fact we are much more interested in listening to others rather than ourselves.
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