Therefore, we are deeply engaged in identifying and selecting the best candidates that create value for the company.

Executive Recruitment

It will never be a routine task for us to find the right candidate for a company. A lot can of course be measured and tested – but you cannot only test your way to the right candidate. The close partnership with the company is always the starting point for us. Combined with a systematic and structured process, the personal commitment generates results. We have no standard solutions and tailor all processes to suit the company and to the candidates we seek.

Our services in Executive Recruitment are just as much about understanding the individual and the motivation behind every candidate as it is to understand why one test result is better than the other. And to compare that with our extensive knowledge of the company’s needs and culture.
These things must match.

Because we in Genux draw on a solid business and leadership career we not only help leaders get a job or fill a position. We do more than that. We create a match that makes sense for the individual and provides value to the company.

We bring in our experience and knowledge about business, organisations and leadership throughout the entire process, and therefore we meet candidates at the level they are at. Today we are among the leading within Executive Recruitment because we cultivate the partnership with our clients, we obtain in-depth knowledge of each candidate and ultimately we create lasting relations. Also we make a virtue of managing a process that both company and candidates perceive as professional and positive.

Do you want to move forward in your career?

We work every day with a number of the largest companies in the country and are always looking to renew our network of candidates with solid leadership experience and measurable results. We treat all inquiries with earnestness and total discretion.

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